Cold Spring

Andrew Chalk, Ralf Wehowsky & Eric Lanzillotta - Yang-Tul

A legendary sound collaboration formed of two lengthy pieces. The first track features Andrew Chalk ..

Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + Hafler Trio - The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion

Pan Sonic, arranged and edited by Barry Adamson (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Magazine), with an a..

C.3.3. (Test Dept) - The Ballad Of Reading Gaol - The Cacophonietta

C.3.3. is a personal project from Paul Jamrozy, co-founder of original industrial agitators TEST D..

Coil - Backwards

After the ground breaking release of 1990's 'Love's Secret Domain' album, Coil were not dormant; the..

Common Eider, King Eider - Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast Aside

The triumphant reawakening of San Francisco’s masters of behemoth ritualistic darkness… Within “S..

Dave Ball & Jon Savage - Photosynthesis

“We started composing some quasi pop/classical pieces that gradually morphed and evolved into one, h..

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk - Anime Nostra

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is the colossus behind the world renowned acts Pouppée Fabrikk and MZ. 412. ..

Khost (Deconstructed and Reconstructed By) Godflesh - Needles Into The Ground

Needles Into the Ground contains material by Khost which has been elementally transformed by Justin ..

Khost - Governance

“Governance” continues KHOST‘s immersion in themes of detachment and dissonance, and ruminates upon ..

Krzysztof Penderecki - Kosmogonia

Unnerving, intense, bloodcurdling, sinister, dramatic – the music of “Kosmogonia” features Pendereck..

Machinefabriek - Veldwerk

Sublime drone music and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. 'Slovensko I & II' are best seen ..

Mayuko Hino - Lunisolar

Pre-order now! Release date 23rd April 2018, expected delivery last week in April.‘Lunisolar’ is the..

MZ412 - Hekatomb

Powerful, pounding industrial, desolate drones and dense electronics. MZ. 412 @ Cold Spring 21st ..

MZ412 - Ulvens Broder

The resurrection of the originators of Black Industrial. NORDVARGR  DRAKH  ULVTHARM ..

Psychic TV - Kondole/Dead Cat

Cold Spring are proud to announce “Kondole / Dead Cat” – a double CD and DVD collection, presented i..

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