Cyclic Law

Allseits - Chimare

Now 6 long years after the acclaimed “Hel” album, Germany’s Nina Kernicke returns with “Chimäre”. In..

Apocryphos - The Prisoners Cinema

After the dissolution of Psychomanteum, Apocryphos was slowly formed by new sole member, Robert C. K..

Arcana - Emerald

New material from Sweden's ethereal/neo-classical Arcana. 3 tracks of awe filled melancholic melodie..

Aun – Black Pyramid

Continuing on the foundations laid with the acclaimed 2009 album Motorsleep, AUN are further blurrin..

Aun – Fiat Lux

Cyclic Law are glad to welcome back AUN for their latest opus! AUN’s music as always suggested foray..

Beyond Sensory Experience - Faint

Beyond Sensory Experience are back revisiting ghosts of the past to create memories of the future wi..

Beyond Sensory Experience - The End Of It All

On their third release for Cyclic Law, BSE have created an aural mirror image of underlying substruc..

Cycles - Cyclic Law 10th Anniversary DCD

It’s hard to believe that its been 10 years since the inception of Cyclic Law. So many great release..

Desiderii Marginis – Hypnosis

"Hypnosis" is the eighth full length album by the long established and widely acclaimed Swedish dark..

Desiderii Marginis – Songs Over Ruins

DESIDERII MARGINIS long out of print debut album from 1997 “Songs Over Ruins” is given a proper re-i..

Funerary Call - The Mirror Reversed I

Cyclic Law is honoured to welcome Canada's unique and legendary Black Ambient act to their label and..

Funerary Call - The Mirror Reversed II

The spectral second and final instalment of Funerary Call’s “The Mirror Reversed” tumbles deeper thr..

Gustaf Hildebrand – Heliopause

Finally we are graced with brand new material from Sweden's Gustaf Hildebrand, a few years after th..

Gustaf Hildebrand – Primordial Resonance

Gustaf's second full lenght is a unique, evolved experience offering you to embark upon an odyssey t..

Havan - Yajna

New project from Frederic Arbour (Visions, Cyclic Law). Havan (Fire Sacrifice) aims to explore spont..

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