Essentia Mundi

ABBILDUNG & Kenji Siratori - The Meaning Of Word...

ABBILDUNG & Kenji Siratori - The Meaning Of Word Is Sound. The CD contains 54 minutes of dark am..

ABBILDUNG & Plateau Omega - Anthropocosmos

A long time in the making the release represents a shamanic journey envisioned by the two artists. ..

C.fieldechoes & ABBILDUNG - Live in Brussels (5.1)

This CDr contains the DTS 5.1 surround of the "Transental City" live event in Brussels plus a stereo..

Christian Fiesel - The Dark Orb

The Dark Orb to be released in 24.05.2018 in a very limited print CDr edition. Christian Fiesel (..

Inabile Caos - 1.0

Inabile Caos the brainchild of Davide Donvito comes with a fantastic debut of drone metal album elem..

Seetyca - Bleakscapes

Everyone in to dark ambient should already be familiar with the Seetyca project from Germany. If not..

Seetyca - Deus Ex Machina

After the excellent 'Bleakscapes' full-length, the next chapter of Seetyca at Essentia Mundi is name..

The Mechanics Of Silence

Compilation of Dark Ambient Drone Scapes from the ever interesting Essentia Mundi label. Conceived a..


Experimental drone music from the talented US band Drive To Uqbar. The seven track album consists of..

X3D5 - Vertical Manifestation

X3D5 is the project of Vitaly S. from Russia. He is an academically trained musician who is now pass..

Xedh & Carlos Suarez - Cuculacanto

A collaboration CD including an eclectic mix of abstract dark ambient and highly inspiring sound scu..

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