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25YLOKI - Various LOKI

A celebration of 25 years of deep audio and dark ambient. All tracks of CD one recorded exclusive..

Circular - Cycles Of Remembrance

The second album from Circular from 2010 and follows on from the debut CD from 2006 and a split rele..

Circular - Radiating Perpetual Light

The evolving, dense nature of Circular's sound world is unfolding again with this work. Pulsating an..

First Law - A Future So Bright

7th release from this tight outfit on Loki Foundation. Deep and throbbing rhythmic patterns, layered..

First Law - Chaos Structure

The 5th full length album from First Law surprises once again with a huge range of stylistic variet ..

First Law - Terrorforming

The 6th full length album from First Law. Intermittent bass and percussive elements as well as thril..

Fjernlys – Four (One Earthly Room)

Five years after the last full-time album of Fjernlys, the Leipzig based outfit returns with new rec..

Herbst9 - Buried Under Time And Sand

Originally released in 2005 this album marked the beginning of Herbst 9´s Babylonian cycle which was..

Herbst9 - Eta Curinae

Eta Carinae was the second album released in 2001. With this soundtrack Herbst9 continued the explor..

Herbst9 - Fragmentary

Four years since the epic ´Usumgal Kalamma´ 2xCD release in 2011 and after numerous live concerts th..

Herbst9 - The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon

'The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon' from Herbst9 is a step further into the depths of th..

Herbst9 vs z'ev - Through Bleak Landscapes

With this stunning collaboration the dark cavernous drones and ethnic ritual instrumentation of Her..

Inade – Aldebaran DLP

Twenty-one years after it´s first release in 1996 one of the genre defining works of the dark ambien..

Inade – Aldebaran Revisited 2016

Accompanying the Aldebaran re-edition this release is based on the Aldebaran 20th anniversary concer..

Inade – Audio Mythology One

Audio Mythology One gathers unreleased material along with compilation tracks, pulling together the ..

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