Power & Steel

Bad Sector - Ampos

The first album from 1995, now released as CD for the third time. With AMPOS Massimo Magrini has set..

Bad Sector - Chronoland

This new album of Massimo Magrini is the soundscape for a mind movie and another masterpiece that pi..

Bad Sector - Kosmodrom DCD Box

Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD and CD/MCD edition which has long since sold out and is ..

Bad Sector and Astro - Idio Blast

In 2005, a small Russian label proposed to Massimo Margini to work on a recording made by Hiroshi Ha..

Ionosphere - Angular Momentum

The first album from this German project. Finest space ambient. A giant sphere full of thick and bro..

Ionosphere - Nightscape

Eight years since the last release in 2007, Ionosphere has now returned with its third full length a..

Ionosphere - The Stellar Winds

After the highly acclaimed album ´Nightscape´ in 2015, we can announce the re-release of ´The Stella..

Land Fire - Incandescent Sonic Lodge

Re-edition of two limited CD-r's from 2006/07 that were originnally available on the band's own labe..

Land Fire - Shortwave Transmission

The alter ego of HERBST9 delivers another outstanding soundtrack about radiological warfare and its ..

Penjaga Insaf – Sama Sadja

Built on field recordings made during trips to Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Penjaga Insaf’s new rel..

S.E.T.I. – Baikal

The aural world of BAIKAL evokes a crystalline landscape full of huge and breathtaking images, guidi..

S.E.T.I. – Final Trajectory

The new album of Andrew Lagowski's S.E.T.I. begins as a colossal sound wall, like a massive electric..

S.E.T.I. – The Geometry Of Night

First released in 1996, `The Geometry of Night´ is the second album of Andrew Lagowski´s deep space ..

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