A Poisonous, Black & White Expanded
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A Poisonous, Black & White Expanded

In 2014 a crew of 5 Italian musicians (Gianluca Becuzzi, Stefano Di Serio a.k.a. Lyke Wake, Massimo Olla a.k.a. Noisedelik, Paolo Bandera a.k.a. Sshe Retina Stimulants, Corrado Altieri a.k.a. Uncodified) joined the forces to make one of the most interesting and stimulating albums of current decade. Experimental electronic, post industrial, dark ambient, free electroacoustic improvisation got a unique, more than rare, synthesis.

After 5 years Unexplained Sounds Group is proud to release an expanded version of this masterpiece, including 6 unreleased tracks by the same musicians in the only digital version. Last track was made by Simon Balestrazzi, another veteran of Italian experimental music scene, who reworked and reassembled material from the new pieces. credits released January 18, 2019

Music by: Corrado Altieri - Uncodified Paolo Bandera - Sshe Retina Stimulants Gianluca Becuzzi Stefano Di Serio - Lyke Wake Massimo Olla - Noisedelik track 11: music by C. Altieri, P. Bandera, G. Becuzzi S. di Serio, M.Olla. Rework & assemblage by S. Balestrazzi. Re-edited by ©Unexplained Sounds Group Originally released by Swiss Dark Nights Artwork: SDN Mixing & Mastering: G. Becuzzi

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak with download codes available for the digital only tracks.

CD tracks
1. A Stranger in my mirror reflection 09:08
2. Subatomic theologies and daemonic filaments 07:36
3. A dream without light 07:00
4. Black dawn rising 07:36
5. Some side effects of lithium 09:07

Digital bonus tracks
6. UNCODIFIED - Consumption (dgt bonus track) 04:36
7. SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS - Wherever Your Psychotic Genes Turn Into Intelligent Oysters (dgt bonus track) 07:06
8. GIANLUCA BECUZZI - V03 (dgt bonus track) 04:21
9. LYKE WAKE - '.... where the noise is silence and .... (prelude)' (dgt bonus track) 07:01
10. NOISEDELIK - rooms in a state of neglect, illuminated by wonderful grayness (dgt bonus track) 07:18
11. Five Discrete Concretions Resolved Into An Iridescent Continuum (dgt bonus track) 07:57

A Poisonous Black & White