Ajna & Onasander - Canidia
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Ajna & Onasander - Canidia

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Ajna & Onasander join forces to create a dark and brooding soundtrack to one of the most highly attested witches in Latin Literature; Canidia.

Canidia is considered Rome's first witch and had perpetrated acts of grave desecration, kidnapping, murder, black magic, and poisoning to name but a few. She is most known for being mentioned in the poems of Horace, where she has a prominent role of a demon-like figure. There is much mystery and speculation as to whether Canidia may be a myth or an actual historical figure.

These 7 tracks evoke the heinous deeds of Canidia the Witch, propelling the listener into her ancient world of nightmarish deeds and mystery.

© Ajna 2021
© Onasander 2021
© Winter-Light 2021
All Music by Ajna & Onasander

Recorded, Composed & Produced By Chris F & Maurizio Landini (2020-21)
Photography by Chris F

Mastered by Cruel Sound Works 2021.
Cover concept, artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

CD comes in a 4-panel matt laminated black and white digifile, limited to 200 copies. Digital available via Bandcamp.

01. Invoking Underworld Divinities
02. Routing the Empusa
03. Draconian Gateway
04. Invading the Garden of Maecenas
05. Whispering To The Fire
06. Demon of Vengeance
07. Veneficae

Ajna & Onasander - Canidia