Alphaxone - Dystopian Gate
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Alphaxone - Dystopian Gate

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Alphaxone serves us a warm and inviting album about the contrast between the dystopian and the dream of a better future among the stars.

With a breath of fresh air from the oxygen tank you gaze over the rooftops towards a red sky. The colonization ship glimmers, leaving for dreams of a better future. Below, the city has turned dead silent after curfew. You fish a cred stick out of your pocket, enough for this months oxygen supply. At this rate you're ten lifetimes away from a resettlement ticket. Or 6 months if you play your cards right in the underworld.

Recommended for fans of Space Ambient and Warm Analogue pads.
Written, Produced, Performed - Mehdi Saleh
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

CD comes in a full colour 6-panel digipak.

1. Lost in the Moment 05:11
2. Falling Time 07:07
3. Out of Source 06:56
4. Frozen Light 04:50
5. Mysterium 05:20
6. Hollow Lands 05:25
7. Dissolving Horizon 08:28
8. Underworld 04:26
9. A Profound Void 09:24

Alphaxone - Dystopian Gate