Aquavoice - Grey
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Aquavoice - Grey

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The first Aquavoice album on the Zoharum label. 'Grey' is the eigth album to date by this project and contains 10 compositions covering more musical territories than before. Its pure electronics, but a bit more experimental than simply ambient or Berlin school, as previously associated with Aquavoice.

The formula and the sound might be different but the creative method and approach has not changed. As always, Tadeusz Luczejko treats synthesizers and computers as a sound source. But its just the start of the puzzle, where all the elements, one by one, create music. Music which is inspired by films at once, literature as well. It is an outlet of emotions and acts as a feedback. The production is also vital when it comes to 'Grey'. The mastering has been done by Martin Bocinski, a well known specialist in the field of electronic and avant garde music.

This 3-panel eco-pack CD is limited to 500 copies.

1. S.E.T.I. Project
2. Magma
3. Child Of The Moon
4. Terra Incognita
5. Radio Waves
6. Glassgames
7. Invisible World
8. Air Sanctuary
9. Liquid Plejades
10. ...

Aquavoice - S.E.T.I. Project