Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin - Pilgrim remix
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Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin - Pilgrim remix

`Pilgrim` is the first in a series of collaborative works between ASHTORETH and Grey Malkin, that was initially released as a limited CD by UK based, house of wyrd, Reverb Worship in June 2018.

The album sold out quickly and got much acclaimed in the music press:

Gonzo Circus Magazine: ` Pilgrim is so much more than just drones, both musicians tell a dark tale, in which a lot a musical variation can be found and that `s what pulls you in completely.`

Merchants of Air: `I think both artists add the right elements to the other one's musical ideas and that is probably the absolute definition of cooperation. I'm not going to pick out a favorite track, although I seem to enjoy the title track the most. But if you want my advice, it will be this: if you have about forty minutes to spare and you want to roam through a completely different world, a whole new fantasy, this album is a perfect soundtrack. Press play, lay down, close your eyes and allow the master craft of these two talented artists guide you through your own imagination. It will be worth it…`

Double CDr edition limited to 100 copies.These are factory made and come in a digipak sleeve with new artwork. You get the original "Pilgrim" album on cd one. You also get a bonus cd of nine new remixes. This bonus cd contains remixes from Stratosphere, Syrenomelia, TraumaSutra & Peter Geysels, Distant Fires Burning, Ruairi O'Baoighill, Kepier Window, Misantronics, David Colohan and Melmoth The Wanderer.

1. I Am The Story
2. Pilgrim
3. The Stars Turn Towards Their Ending
4. Bone, Leaf & Moss
5. The Shivering Mountain

1. Bone, Leaf & Moss (Howl remix) by Stratosphere 07:34
2. The Stars Turn Towards Their Ending by Syrenomelia 04:48
3. Moss by Traumasutra & Peter Geysels 07:36
4. I Am The (Burning) Story (With Fires in The Distance) by Distant Fires Burning 09:15
5. Bone, Leaf & Moss by Ruairi O`Baoighill 07:00
6. The Shivering Mountain by Kepier Widow 09:55
7. Pilgrim Bones by Misantronics 06:26
8. The Stars Turn Towards Their Ending by David Colohan 02:47
9. The Shivering Mountain by Melmoth The Wanderer 19:46

Ashtoreth and Grey Malkin - Pilgrim