Atrium Carceri - Cellblock
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Atrium Carceri - Cellblock

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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The album that started a timeline leading up to the creation of Cryo Chamber.

Cellblock is Atrium Carceri's first album. Simon Heath spent 2 years at the start of the new millennium producing it. Released in 2003 it created massive ripples in the scene. A stark contrast from the monotonous 30-60 minute drone albums at the time. It featured short tracks and a story that would come to span 10+ albums and counting. Combining cinematic sound effects and industrial music it received a dedicated fan following.

Cellblock takes us through dark ambient filled with subtle details and unorthodox production techniques. It's the first album in the series about what lies on the other side of the illusion of the AC mythos. We get an idea of what makes our reality crack. Trauma, Isolation, Fear, Rage, Depression. The dark rotting jail cells serve the perfect ingredients to catch a glimpse of the real world. The ancient metropolis we once called home.

Running time: 42:57

1. Entrance 02:04
2. Black Lace 04:00
3. Machine Elves 04:17
4. Corridor 02:28
5. Blue Moon 03:16
6. Stir of Thoughts 03:19
7. Depth 03:41
8. Crusted Neon 04:11
9. Halls of Steam 04:57
10. Reborn 03:39
11. Red Stains 02:55
12. Inner Carceri 04:10

Atrium Carceri - Cellblock