Beckahesten - Vattenhålens Dräpare LP
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Beckahesten - Vattenhålens Dräpare LP

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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Cyclic Law are honoured to finally reveal the mesmerising debut by Sweden’s Beckahesten. Featuring members Peo Bengtsson, Per Åhlund (Skare, Diskrepant and also former member of Sophia & live member of Karjalan Sissit) and the otherworldly vocal prowess of Viktoria Rolandsdotter.

Their sound lingers within the shadow lands of ritual and folklore where solemn harmonies and rhythms intertwine with lyrical poetry, becoming rites and omens. Taking its name from an ancient folk tale of a horse that takes children onto it's back to then bring them to a nearby lake and drown them… We’re offered a singular journey through windy fields and misty forests where mournful cries lure us toward the resting place of the pale and lifeless. White and insidiously beautiful it lures every soul to the eternal slumber within forest ponds and black pines. This whispering being of sheer mist and endlessly terrifying darkness.

Standard Edition LP of 200 copies in standard sleeve with spot UV and Matt lamination with printed inner sleeve. 5 Tracks. Running Time 36.49

1. Förnimmelsen 05:35
2. Ropet 05:34
3. Skuggan 06:50
4. Dödsfålen 08:33
5. Hotet 10:06

Beckahesten - Hotet