Bocksholm – Rinna Leathercluster Live
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Bocksholm – Rinna Leathercluster Live

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Lina baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal) and Peter Andersson (Raison D'Etre) two famous punks of the Industrial scene are the members of Bocksholm. No wonder that this record is dominated by remarkable, powerfull industrial rythms, outburts of psychadelic ambient, intoxicated and gargling vocals, sombre and dismal atmospheres transfused by alcholic delirium, despair and hysteria ....A perfect document showing in the best way the environment where those 2 guys were growing up : "Boksholm".

1 Fylla 0:59
2 Scoria 6:20
3 Bögamord 9:12
4 Koeven 9:00
5 Pressbyrån´78 6:54
6 Rinna Leathercluster 5:30

Bocksholm - Bogamord