Circular - Cycles Of Remembrance
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Circular - Cycles Of Remembrance

The second album from Circular from 2010 and follows on from the debut CD from 2006 and a split release with Inade.

With this work Johannes Riedel makes another step further by creating something with a resounding sense of emotion and wistful melancholia. His classical education in music allowed him to generate an artficial and ambient soundtrack with well composed songlike structures. There is a truly organic, analog based core sound with cyclical waves of thick synthesizer drones and bass guitars while slowly oscillating effects and pulsing beats are drifting through the mix.

CYCLES OF REMEMBRANCE is an album full of harmonic landscapes, always enveloping and with meditative qualities.

1. Transcending
2. A Lightening Cycle
3. Intersection At The Infinte Space
4. In Grey
5. The Pathway Downwards
6. Chromatic Fade
7. Dream Motion
8. Terrain Of Remembrance
9. Closing

Cycle Circular - A Lightening Cycle