Colossloth - Promethean Meat
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Colossloth - Promethean Meat

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Rhythmic industrial noise - grinding and churning, drenched in crushing doom-laden guitars - drapes the sacrificial bones of the new album from esoteric electronic alchemist Colossloth.

Building on this trademark sound, pushing and striving for reinvention and renewal, Colossloth has also utilised live instrumentation and ethereal vocals, and black metal blast beats on certain tracks for the first time to enhance the intent behind the music. Digitally-driven soundtracks for transfigured cities and myths born in the wilderness of Albion.

All music by Wooly Woolaston
Produced by Tom Rey
Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage
Graphic Design by Abby Helasdottir

CD comes in a digipak with artwork by Abby Helasdottir

1. Pain Is The Cleanser 02:50
2. The Locus Trove 02:08
3. Promethean Meat 03:47
4. Homemaker 01:52
5. Flowering Discipline 04:35
6. Tethering The Constellation 04:30
7. Drownsize 03:11
8. Feigning Death Paves Our Path 03:40
9. A Mother's Arrow 03:14
10. Dead Swan Song 05:14
11. Personality Debris 03:23

Colossloth - Promethean Meat