Azathoth - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration
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Azathoth - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration

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In 2014 Cryo Chamber got some of the most prominent dark ambient artists together to synchronize their studios during a year of collaboration creating the album Cthulhu in tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. With Azathoth Cryo Chamber double the effort with a 2 CD release follow up. No less than 20 artists has been working for the last year to synchronize and co-create Azathoth. Azathoth is a collaboration NOT a compilation.

DCD available in 6-panel full colour digi-pack. Running time: CD 1: 54:24 - CD2: 64:57

Produced, written and collaborated with:- Atrium Carceri, Kammarheit, Foundation Hope, Taphephobia, Alphaxone, Alt3r3d Stat3, Apocryphos, Aseptic Void, Cryobiosis, Dark Matter, Darkrad, Dronny Darko, Halgrath, Mystified, Wordclock, Sabled Sun, Neizvestija, Randall Collier-Ford, Sjellos, Svartsinn, Taphephobia, Terrdaemon, Ugasanie

Azathoth - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration