Hilyard - Furthermore
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Hilyard - Furthermore

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Hilyard brings his first solo album to Cryo Chamber with Furthermore. A deep space adventure that lets you float in zero-G and gaze upon the anomalies of the universe.

Escape from a tired and dying world into the realms beyond quasars. Journey in isolation through thick dark matter in search of answers. Drift in quiet melancholy, past the failed floating structures, gas giants and furthermore, into an endless horizon.

Sweeping electronic drones combine with analogue bass to create a multilayered space ambient album that is emotionally captivating and enlightening.

Written, Produced, Performed - Bryan Hilyard

Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

CD comes in a full colour 6-panel digi-pak.

1. Furthermore 14:00
2. Airflows and Airlocks 12:10
3. Swimming with Giants 10:30
4. Empty Sectors 08:24
5. Inverted Horizon 08:33

Hilyard - Furthermore