Desiderii Marginis - Departed
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Desiderii Marginis - Departed

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On his now 10th full length album, Johan Levin offers us a slow, soaring meditation on mortality. The complete certainty of death, and how we cope with that knowledge is what constitutes the essence of this new opus.

“Departed” retains the sacral expression of its predecessor “Vita Arkivet”, but not within the oppressive confinement of old stone vaults, but high across a raging seas, rocky shores and darkened skies. Music for gazing at the endless ocean of infinity, trying to catch a glimpse of meaning through the tiny rips in the fabric of existence; its magic and loss.

The CD and Digital versions contain 3 bonus tracks, reworks of classic pieces “Deadbeat” and “Worlds Apart” and “I Am Without Rule (Sum Sine Regno)”, recorded December 2018, and while sound wise it harks back to the “Vita Arkivet” album, thematically it is more akin to “Departed”, lending it's title from the medieval mortality motif of “The Wheel of Fortune” which became very popular after the great plague.

CD Edition of 600 copies in 4 panels Digipak. 9 Tracks. Running Time 70:04

1. Through A Forest Of Empty Armors 07:54
2. An Immense Hardened Shadow 05:48
3. The Silence Of A Thousand Years 07:12
4. Eternity Shuddred At The Image Of Death 08:10
5. What Death Whispers To The Dying 05:25
6. Departed 08:14
7. I Am Without Rule (Sum Sine Regno) - Bonus 13:25
8. Deadbeat MMXIX - Bonus 07:23
9. Worlds Apart MMXIX - Bonus 07:00

Desiderii Marginis - The Silence Of A Thousand Years