Dahlia's Tear - Through The Nightfall Grandeur
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Dahlia's Tear - Through The Nightfall Grandeur

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We welcome Dahlia's Tear back to Cryo Chamber. After 6 years of silence this veteran dark ambient producer is finally back with a new album. Through the Nightfall Grandeur is a dreamy and multi-layered melancholic journey through worlds both inner and outer.

"The dreamer watches you from atop the onyx tower. You are in his domain now, a world within a world beyond the dreamsphere where reality is born anew. Snow flakes melt on your neck as you peer out over a jagged landscape, is this real? You've asked yourself this question more times than you can remember, awakening from each dream within a new dream. Reality has grown into an old weathered memory, left behind at the surface of that first deep dive into the subconscious."

The album revolves around a spiritual awakening where the shattering loneliness of the protagonist fuels the search for meaning. We follow through moonbathed nights on a journey through dark abysses, snowy mountains and desolate moors.

A detailed and layered album that takes many repeat listens to fully explore all the complexities, one mystery at a time unto enlightenment.

All tracks composed and performed in 2018 by Anile.D. (Dahlia's Tear), Sweden
Mixed and Engineered by Anile.D.(Dahlia's Tear) at Nightade, Sweden
Mastered by Jeff M. during July 2018 - August 2018 , UK
Vocal performance and words by Michelle Rippy Artwork by Simon Heath

CD comes in a 6-panel digipak

1. Encroaching Shadows Beckon to Chase the Fleeing Light 06:44 video
2. The Keeper of Broken Dreams and Tattered Spirits 07:01   
3. Forlorn Whispers on a Moonlit Path 05:47   
4. The Frozen Echoes of the Endless Moor 06:35   
5. Bitter Silence of Desolate Steps 06:04   
6. Drowning in Delusions of Grandeur 05:25   
7. Lamenting Memories Long Past in the Remnants of Darkness 05:07   
8. Drifting into the Void Grasping at Fading Starlight 05:33   
9. Lost in the Crystalline Enigma 04:36

Dahlia's Tear - Through The Nightfall Grandeur