Den Sorte Død - Depressiv Magi
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Den Sorte Død - Depressiv Magi

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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Offermose & Angst returns as Den Sorte Død. Channeling the depressive magic of a crying cosmos. Making this the 5th album from the mournful duo.

From above corroding skies adrift with clouds of grey.
Through spiraling voids undone by stars colliding.
Past infinite aeons of spectral mists forgotten.
The crying cosmos flaps its wings.
Releasing waves of depressive magic.
Hurling storms of piercing sorrow.
Crashing against the fraying shore of human flesh.

CD Edition of 300 copies in 4 panels Digisleeve, Matt Lamination. 6 Tracks. Running Time. 36:57

1. Den Evindelige Skygge 05:57
2. Depressiv Magi 05:41
3. En Vind AfInfernalsk Ulidelighed 05:31
4. Sortsind 06:51
5. Håbløsheden 05:16
6. Den Kosmiske Forbandelse 07:36

Den Sorte Død - Depressiv Magi