Desiderii Marginis – Serenity / Rage LP
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Desiderii Marginis – Serenity / Rage LP

  • Labels Cyclic Law
  • Product Code: 12" Black Vinyl
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"Serenity / Rage" focuses on the contradictory human capacity to do both good and evil, where clarity and insight can turn to blind overwhelming rage and how we find ourselves moving back and forth across this vast expanse of human emotions.

With hints of classic Death Industrial and a unique cover version of Brighter Death Now's classic track "Necroses Evangelicum", Johan Levin exposes a new facet of his expanding discography. Nothing is Black nor White, we all fade to Grey...

Vinyl Edition of 300 copies, 3mm sleeve, Matt Lamination with printed inner sleeve. Running Time 36:41

Desiderii Marginis - Serenity / Rage