Deutsch Nepal - ¡Comprendido!... Time Stop!..
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Deutsch Nepal - ¡Comprendido!... Time Stop!..

'¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending'. This CD is packed with so many gems it's difficult to know where to start. Opening track, we are treated to an early version of Benevolence from 1992. Great samples and ambience setting the scene for a very, dark album from the Swedish General himself. Thomas 29 Needles begins with classic DN style samples and moves in to a hypnotic, tranced out nervy track which is endemic throughout the rest of the album. One of my absolute faves from Lina! This is creepy at its most sinister!

1. Benevolence '92
2. Thomas 29 Needles
3. World Mirror
4. Morgue Restauraunt
5. Gouge Free Market
6. Tender Lover
7. Pain Is The Language We Use
8. The Phlegathon Fish
9. Auto Gamic Drummers
10. Poison Free Market

Deutsch Nepal - Thomas 29 Needles