Devil's Breath - Embrace of the Serpent
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Devil's Breath - Embrace of the Serpent

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From a thematic perspective, “Embrace Of The Serpent” is a continuation of “March Of The Wounded” which is the most recent solo album from Devil’s Breath.

“Embrace Of The Serpent” is celebrative Dronish Dark Ambient and Industrial Tribal Ritual dedicated to the guardians of our planet, hence the Amazon Tribes. It is the gratitude and recognition to the ones who have been unjustifiably murdered for the cause of defending The Forest and to the ones who are still defending it today.

“Embrace Of The Serpent” points at the need to soul search our own selves as human beings because as a species we have, at some stage in history, devolved into manifesting a very disturbing behaviour, culture and mindset, where we embrace the destruction of the natural world through pollution, unsustainable development and capitalism, and driving the remaining forests into extinction.

CD comes in a 6-panel digi-sleeve.

1. Embrace Of The Serpent I 34:48
2. Embrace Of The Serpent II 05:58
3. Embrace Of The Serpent III 05:33
4. Embrace Of The Serpent IV 20:55

Devil's Breath - Embrace of the Serpent