Wandlungen Unplump - Edition DEGEM 11
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Wandlungen Unplump - Edition DEGEM 11

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The eleventh DEGEM CD will be released in a time of upheavals and uncertainties.

After still no clarity, what is electronic, which is electro-acoustic music, not even knowing how to spell it, now comes to a need for further clarification. The intellectual property is challenged in its existence, the term "Music" is not even clear yet. The slope to the conceptualism requires that single sound art is referred to as "autonomous music".

To publish an audio CD, appears in such a time as an anachronism; However, this impression is deceptive. The DEGEM currently undergoes a kind of makeover. This time, there is an explanatory to the title of the production "change unplump". This time however, in the form of a sound piece that stands at the beginning of the track list.

CD comes in digipack format. Running time 55:35.

1 Michael Hoeldke - Wandlungen Unplump - Intro (Composed By – Michael Hoeldke)
2 Stefan Schulzki - Everything (Lied II) (Composed By – Stefan Schulzki)
3 Denise Ritter - Outer Shell (Composed By – Denise Ritter)
4 Robert Henke - Nebenläufiger Prozess (Composed By – Robert Henke)
5 Ralf Hoyer - Residual Risk (2-Kanal-Fassung) (Composed By – Ralf Hoyer)
6 Brian Smith (58) - Nine, Eleven, Twenty-two (Composed By – Brian Smith (58))
7 Julia Mihaly* - Scape_1 (Composed By – Julia Mihaly)