Rapoon - A Long View Across
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Rapoon - A Long View Across

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'Refers to the feeling you get when touching an artefact that was made more than 7,000 years ago, in this case stone rock carvings in the Cheviot hills in Northumberland. Spread out across the top of the hills lie huge stone tables carved with many petroglyphs weaving in and out of each other.

The sites where you find the carvings are all places with fantastic views across the hillsides and lowlands. Places of great beauty and serenity.There is a sense of "being out of time" at these sites. You are separated from yourself and instead feel a sense of being part of a greater whole. A spirituallity, if you will.

The sense of a connection with our ancestors and being part of a continuity. Looking backwards and forwards .... a long view across.'  - Robin Storey

CD comes in a full colour digipak, limited to 450 copies.

1. A Temple Dream 35:25
2. The Evening Closes 34:56