Fractalyst - Watchtower
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Fractalyst - Watchtower

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Fractalyst joins the Cryo Chamber with his debut album Watchtower, a post apocalyptic journey painted on the thickest walls of sound. Analogue and modular synths run through tape.

After so long in the underground facilities alone, you discover an encrypted signal, coordinates that lead to the Watchtower, the new eden. “There’s nothing for me here any more” you mutter to yourself, and a journey to vast post apocalyptic lands begins

Recommended for fans of the post apocalyse, analogue textures and soothing warm tape noise

Written, Produced, Performed - Dimitris Valasopoulos
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath
Track 2 Written, Produced, Performed - Dimitris Valasopoulos & Pär Boström

400 edition CD comes in a beautiful reverse board matte 6 panel digipak

1. What Was Once Called Home 04:35
2. In the Dead of Night feat. Cities Last Broadcast 06:26
3. Encrypted Coordinates 03:36
4. Opaline Apparitions 07:48
5. Burial 08:22
6. Point of No Return 07:38
7. Mountain Vault 09:17
8. In All Its Magnificence 06:50

Fractalyst - Watchtower