Aware - The Book Of Wind
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Aware - The Book Of Wind

Aware is the alias of Alexander Glück, born 1983, who studied philosophy and physics in Vienna, where he currently lives. Apart from music, he writes monographs in the field of philosophy, which revolve around Christian mysticism, Buddhism and the poetics of modern cosmology, recently Poesie des Kosmos (2016). He wants to believe that someday, out of nowhere, a human, animal, or extraterrestrial being will accidentally produce the right sounds in the right order, and suddenly, everyone will be saved, forever.

Simone Weil believed that only downward motions are real. In contrast, the will to ascension always constitutes an illusion. She noticed the strange feeling of sadness mixed with joy, naturally occurring when hearing sounds that gently move from higher to lower notes, from greater to lower expression, from intensity to stillness. Feelings of joy rely on the reassurance that no one has to conquer the world. Sadly enough, music is only a small glimpse of a pacified universe. The Book of Wind is a collection of short essays which never reach their goal, but vanish into nothing, to which they belong.

The edition comes in a limited edition digipack with special finish. 14 tracks in total.

1. so he got up and ate and drank
2. and travelled forty nights
3. until he reached the mountain
4. there he went into a cave -
5. and spent the night
6. a powerful storm tore the mountains apart
7. but god was not in the storm
8. after the storm there was an earthquake
9. but god was not in the earthquake
10. after the earthquake came a fire
11. but god was not in the fire
12. and after the fire came a gentle whisper
13. so he pulled his cloak over his face
14. and went out

Aware - And Travelled Forty Nights