Cyclotimia - Celestis:Space Ceremonial Music
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Cyclotimia - Celestis:Space Ceremonial Music

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The re-issue of probably the best album of this Russian electronic duo, complemented by a 15-minute space suite as a bonus track.

The album "Celestis:Space Ceremonial Music" was inspired by the activity of a well known American aerospace company Space Services Inc. which among other things specialises in sending human ashes into space (via their subsidary Celestis Inc). Moreover, the compact discs with this music have prowled the outer space twice whilst being on board rockets launched from the spaceport America in New Mexico. This happened for the first time in April 2007 (Legacy project), and then again in May 2010 (Pioneer Flight project). Cyclotimias music has attained the status of the official soundtrack at both events.

"Celestis" definitely stands out in the discography of this project, known mainly for its post-industrial and avant-garde recordings. It would be no exaggeration to say that this is their most accessible work (in a good way) correlating with some of the best examples of the "space genre". The music on "Celestis" is modern and well crafted.

From the opening theme "Capsula" the albums atmosphere plunges the listener into a world of spiritual experience, calls to take an imaginary space journey; fly towards Space along with the remians held in capsules. The album comes complete with a 12-page booklet narrating the activities of the company. This release offers an additional exclusive track, "Another Time Another Place", a 15-minute space suite recorded by the project in 2009.

10 tracks in jewel case CD. Running time 55:02.

1. Capsula:Prologue
2. Space Age
3. Voyager
4. Odyssey
5. The Explorer
6. Lunar
7. Ad Astra
8. Earthview
9. Capsula:Epilogue
10. Another Time Another Place

Cyclotimia - Ad Astra