Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Alive With Scars
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Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Alive With Scars

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Flowers for Bodysnatchers is back with a versatile dark ambient album blending multiple genre elements.

Alive With Scars is an album that explores the life long struggle of living with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease where the body's own immune system attacks and destroys healthy tissue, in the case of MS, the healthy tissue is myelin, the protein that insulates the nerves in the spinal cord, brain and optic nerve gradually destroying the myelin that coats the central nervous system. Your body slowly beings wasting from the inside out by the subversion of its own central nervous system. A body that with the passing of time will waste and wither to its own unique sonnet of pain and torment.

I personally have lived with MS for almost 10 years and, this album has been an on again, off again affair for almost as long. Did I even want to do this? Will people understand it? It has been a difficult subject to approach and express musically. Yet I found I had been subconsciously doing it all along. From the formidably depressing album Aokigahara to the melancholic spitefulness of Love Like Blood. The narratives represented in these albums were backed by the way my MS affected me and the people around me. It's a long journey and Alive With Scars continues both the physical and emotional process of living life, trying to keep one step ahead of it and, trying to say sorry for the times I got things terribly wrong. - Duncan

Written, Produced, Performed, Artwork & Mastering - Duncan Ritchie

CD comes in a beautiful 6-panel full colour, matte digipak.

1. A Heart Less Darkened 08:18
2. Looking For Bernard Herrmann 08:22
3. Shiraz And Suicide 03:41
4. Vertigo 05:54
5. Blood In Her Mouth - Rain On Her Birthday 04:36
6. Human Demon 07:45
7. The Scar Entombed 05:10
8. And Then, Silence 06:53
9. We Are Like We Never Were 09:55