Leila Abdul-Rauf - Diminution
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Leila Abdul-Rauf - Diminution

Known for her work in Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm, Hammers Of Misfortune, Fyrhtu, and much more, Leila Abdul-Rauf presents her haunting third solo album, 'Diminution'.

The follow-up to Leila Abdul-Rauf's 2015 highly acclaimed 'Insomnia' album, 'Diminution' sees the Bay Area-based, multi-instrumentalist take a more stripped-down approach to her uniquely haunting and shadowy soundscapes. While retaining a firm grasp on the feeling of urban loneliness and early morning solitude, Diminution's tracks are generally longer than previous works and feel more spacious and open, where sparse melodies and gentle textural flow meet ethereal choral vocals, distant trumpet, delicate guitar, and luminous, yet melancholy drones and warm tonal drift.

Diminution is another spellbinding work from Leila for those seeking solace in quiet and introspective music residing just on edge of consciousness.

All songs on Diminution were composed, performed, and produced by Leila Abdul-Rauf.
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab.
The album is completed with stunning artwork by Matthew Jaffe and layout by Kristoffer Oustad and James Livingston.

CD comes in a 4-panel full colour digipak.

1. Diminution 06:15
2. Life Leaving 04:20
3. Causeway 02:45
4. Abjure 05:53
5. Wayward 05:02
6. Self-Recognition (For Pauline Oliveros) 04:51
7. Hindsight 04:11
8. Light Rising 04:40

Leila Abdul-Rauf - Diminution