Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute
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Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute

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"The music on this compilation doesn't just evoke the mood of David Lynch's films, but could be a potential soundtrack to his work as a painter and photographer as well", - welcometotwinpeaks dot com

"DMT's "Lynch2712" is a lengthy, rich, industrial dark ambient track with deep, shuddering drones that goes through a variety of permutations to keep it interesting. Wonderblock's "U-Turn to Lost Highway" is a spooky, muted dark ambient track punctuated by a low, dull, percussion loop. Great atmosphere...", -

"...this to be another fine compilation of Russia's finest in terms of dark music, and that this is another collection. Not more, nothing less", - Vital Weekly

CD comes in 1 6-panel digipak, limited to 100 copies. 2nd edition.

1. Light Collapse - Homunculus of Henry Spencer 07:23
2. Dvory - Dark Eye 09:41
3. Povarovo - Prelost 04:00
4. DMT - Lynch2712 08:19
5. Wunderblock - U-Turn to Lost Highway 06:09
6. Skripp - Lynch Law 04:22
7. Sal Solaris - Garmonbozia 2.0 06:02
8. Relic Radiation - Arrakis Cinnamon 07:31
9. Kryptogen Rundfunk - Mind in Motion 09:06
10. Reutoff - Blue Room with no Doors 07:26
11. Arcuation - Eraserhead's Neighbors 07:57

Dvory - Dark Eye