Dahlia's Tear - Descendants of the Moon
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Dahlia's Tear - Descendants of the Moon

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“Descendants of the Moon” is taking us on a timeless journey; The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest great work of literature, with some parts of the story having been written well over 4000 years ago. It follows the dark and mysterious adventures of the Sumerian King Gilgamesh, who fears death, as he struggles to find the secret of immortality.

“Descendants of the Moon” album exists in its own dimension, a parallel universe where the ancient Earth and the cosmic future intersect, a hybrid of ancient Mesopotamian ritual and audacious voyages into the interstellar unknown.

Written, Produced, Performed Anile D.
Artwork & Mastering Simon Heath

CD comes in a 6-panel matte full colour digipak, limited to 400 copies.

1. The Cedar Forest 04:32
2. Descendants of the Moon 08:29
3. Thirteen Temples 06:24
4. Ancient Skies 05:09
5. The Gate of Immortality 07:26
6. The Valley of Unrest 08:51

Dahlia's Tear - Descendants of the Moon