First Law - Chaos Structure
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First Law - Chaos Structure

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The 5th full length album from First Law surprises once again with a huge range of stylistic variet and proves that he is the ultimate cosmonaut of the inner spheres. 'Chaos Structure' is a hallucinetic maelstrom, every note and sound tells a different story and guides the listener to a journey through unseen areas of modulation and alienated reality where time stands still.

The hieroglyphic soundforms are structuring an audible world of an acoustic language. All compositions are cautiously built to create a majestic flowing of a soundworld full of structures and outstanding melodies layered with percussive tracks.

1. Entropic (Vision)
2. A Cold Blank Stare
3. Spoil Tactics/Negative
4. Three Cheers For Heresy
5. Entropic (Accumulation) Entropic (Dispersion) Distress Signal (Death Ray Glare) Entropic (Solution)
6. Bad Influence

First Law - A Cold Blank Stare