ProtoU - The Edge Of Architecture
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ProtoU - The Edge Of Architecture

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Sasha further explores the themes of her first collaboration album Earth Songs. While her album "Khmaoch" explored the roots of civilization, "The Edge of Architecture" probes into the future of the modern age.

Black gigantic buildings loom over our hubris as we reach for the unnatural with each new brick in the wall. The night reeks of dark fluid as flickering neon lights reflect on wet streets. Winds howl over a jungle of steel and shadows of automated builders creak in the distance.

Field recordings blend with deep drone and ethereal overlays on this immersive album. For lovers of Sasha's unique style of cold and warm ambient blended together into an emotional ride.

1. Quiet Sky (07:40)
2. Falling Home (07:00)
3. Glass Fractals (07:00)
4. The Edge Of Architecture (05:07)
5. Fracture (08:01)
6. Hidden City (08:00)
7. Phantom Tones (06:10)

ProtoU - The Edge Of Architecture