Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)
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Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)

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The simurgh is depicted in Iranian art as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough to carry off an elephant or a whale. It appears as a peacock with the head of a dog and the claws of a lion, sometimes however, also with a human face. Iranian legends consider the bird so old that it had seen the destruction of the world three times over. The simurgh learned so much by living so long that it is thought to possess the knowledge of all the ages. We hope this mythological benevolent creature could be a hope and a a guide in our dark times.

A gathering of majestic, heavy, dark ambient, ritual, drone and noise music from Iran. Highly original and monolithic, with stunning production, Visions Of Darkness stands shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the Dark Ambient scene.

In a country where youth culture has been heavily restricted for so long, it’s significant when a cultural form such as this has an opportunity to reach a wider audience – aided by the abstract nature of dark ambient, drone and noise. In comparison, the dance music scene has a harder time taking root in Iran due to the illegality of men and women dancing in public together. However, the growth of the experimental electronic scene is going to be about more than a mere novelty reaction to a political paradigm shift. The darkness here is a consequence of the mood of the artists – darker after the country was put on a black list and more restrictions were applied to many things, including monetary transactions to and from Iran. As a consequence, Iranian artists have a great difficulty getting the resources to better develop their projects. Despite this, the enthusiasm and will for Iranian musicians to promote their music shines through.

1. Saint Abdullah - Unforgotten Promises 03:10
2. Xerxes The Dark - Longing To Return 06:03
3. S.S.M.P. - The Blue Chasm 05:55
4. Alphaxone - A Dystopia 04:32
5. Limen - Wherefore The Worm Universe 09:07
6. Ali Phi - Condition.III 02:58
7. Reza Solatipour - Surviving The Darkness 05:07
8. Nojan - Revolution 06:28
9. Hossein RangChi - Mute 12:58
10. Narcissa Kasraï - Articulation 05:29
11. Rhonchus - Graph 07:25
12. DSM - Nowruz 04:14
13. idft - DT 05:37
14. Nyctalllz - Daeva 05:40
15. Poo Yar - Buried Alive 05:42
16. Anunnaki Signal - Father 05:25
17. Soheil Soheili - Laboratory 05:39
18. XSIX - Lost 07:02
19. Crows In The Rain - ... (For A Film) 02:46
20. Downtown Of HongKong - Downtown Valley 13:53
21. Mehdi Behbudi & Vahide Sistaani - Tehr 16:35

Various Artists - Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)