X-NAVI:ET - Machina Nova
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X-NAVI:ET - Machina Nova

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"Machina Nova" CD contains 12 pieces: 6 premiere compositions (mini-album "Machina Nova") plus 6 additional tracks which were published on the well-received tape "Vox Paradox" (Wounded Knife, 2015, sold out). Both of these materials combine electronic sounds with acoustic instruments, more or less processed ethnic instruments: Chinese flute hulusi, Russian balalaika, melodica, various rattles, drums and objects.

Invited guest:
Anna Zielińska - violin
Wojciech Jachna - trumpet
Radek Dziubek - electronics
Marcin Zyglarewicz - bass guitar

Mastering: Marcin Bociński ("Machina Nova") and Kuba Ziołek ("Vox Paradox").
Artwork: Ewa Bińczyk.

The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies.

1. Machina Nova 07:35
2. Neo Primitiv 04:33
3. Weltschmerz 04:10
4. Pseudo 01:49
5. Nonsens 04:26
6. Fiasko 05:51

X-Navi:et - Neo Primitiv