Zalys - Sublime
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Zalys - Sublime

Many faceted artist M created Zalys in 2013 and already qualify for a place in the throne room together with long runned acts such as Alpha Wave Movement and Atomine Elektrine. Taking inspiration from genres as different as black metal and cinematic soundtracks Zalys deep and spacious sound explore the territories and vastness of outer space.

Zalys fifth album Sublime opens in a distant place, void of life. Only signals from galaxies afar or echoes from parallel once flickers through. Zalys is the explorer passing enigmas and worlds beyond our imagination, leaving us with a longing to go back there again (and again).

CD comes in a 4-panel digipack. Running time approximately 51:40 mins.

1. Cosmic DNA
2. Kepler 186f
3. Lux In Tenebris
4. Beneath The Surface
5. Drifting Through Time And Space
6. Radiant Star
7. The Nebulas Wishes

Zalys - Kepler 186f