Canticle - The Seven Steps ....
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Canticle - The Seven Steps ....

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Blood is live. The Blood of Christ is eternal live. In order to ascend to the heavenly planes one must follow the malign angels to the edge of hell. The path to follow leads to different directions.

The weight of your soul will either lift you up unto the fountain of blood or drag you down into the eternal pits of damnation. Blood is live. Christ is blood.

Cdr limited to 100 copies.

1. Seven Paths To Forest Of Sinai 06:18
2. Forty Days On The Mountain 04:27
3. The Storm Clouds And The Cave 05:39
4. Descend Into The Abyss 05:34
5. Circles In The Dark 07:00
6. Endless Torment 04:11
7. A Voice From The Depths 05:36

Canticle - The Seven Steps To Complete The Ascension To Drink The Blood Of Christ