Chinnamunda - Laughter Of The Skygoers
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Chinnamunda - Laughter Of The Skygoers

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Chinnamundā (“She whose head is severed”) is named after a form of Vajravārāhi in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, and is the side project of Static of Masses’ Greg Watkins, and in this debut release sets out a ritualistic narrative in seven movements.

The title is based on and named after ‘The Laughter of the Khandros – The Offering of the Body’ from The Great Treasury of the Ultra-profound Sky.

Buddhist and Bön philosophies and worldviews have shaped the compositions found here, presenting a nuanced exploration of mysterious practises from systems of belief that are often misinterpreted in the Western world. Using sounds that are instantly redolent of Central Asian religions, interspersed with spoken dialogue, it is a powerful testament to the enduring spiritual strengths of ages-old philosophies pre-dating those of the current era, utilising the ancient and modern in order to explicate the true intentions behind the rituals enacted.

Consequently, our true natures are revelead, natures which have long been buried under centuries of civilisation and the sediments of religions that look outward for succor and salvation, when the true door to enlightenment has always resided within...

CD comes in a limited 4-panel digipak format.

Chinnamunda - Laughter Of The Skygoers (teaser video)