ORD - Withered Bones
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ORD - Withered Bones

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ORD is another artist from Russia to appear in the Zoharum catalog. Behind the project is Alexey Shipilov, the owner of the label Status Prod. The musician can boast of quite a lot of phonographic achievements, which undoubtedly consolidated his position on the Russian experimental scene, with time going beyond its borders.

The material on "Withered Bones", the album released in Zoharum, is the result of several sessions recorded between autumn and winter 2020 at the "Yunost" Music Center and mixed in the summer of 2021 in the studio by Andrey Volkov.

We are dealing here with ritual music with a deep meditative influence, based on traditional acoustic instruments (singing bowls, flutes, tubular bells, caratals, tambourines and other percussion instruments) with the support of field recordings, samples and effects. Through its own music, graphics and live performances, ORD demonstrates his bond to the Buddhist ritual tradition and shamanic practices that preceded it, which gives a certain color and can be an asset. However, it can undoubtedly be successful in the mind of the recipient who is not too familiar with Buddhist meditation practices.

It is worth reaching for this album to explore new areas of music.

CD released as a 4-panel ecopack limited to 300 copies.

1. Withered Bones Ground Into Ash 11:50
2. Scattered to the Wind 05:54
3. Mixed By Rain With Earth 14:35
4. For New Life 05:17
5. To Be Risen 07:51

ORD - Withered Bones