Havdis - Novemberlys
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Havdis - Novemberlys

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When the darkness of the wilting season seems the most compact, when the abyss is staring back at us through the naked branches of every tree and the forests turn eerily silent, we are also reminded of the stark beauty that encapsulates us. It is the season of introspection, and of winter sleep. On Novemberlys we collect seven pieces that immerse themselves into the strange light of winter.

CD album comes in a jewelcase with 8-page booklet. Approximate running time 77:00 mins.

1. The Waterhorse
2. Dressed In Dark Water
3. Deepsea Dweller
4. The Wind On A Lonely Hill
5. Glass Atmosphere
6. Wintersleep
7. The Strange Sighting At Softan

Havdis - Novemberlys (excerpts)