Dahlia's Tear - My Rotten Spirit Of Black
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Dahlia's Tear - My Rotten Spirit Of Black

  • Labels Infinite Fog
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Are you the real owner of your existence? The last light in the universe went out on the coast of a metallic cliff where no one could pass. At that moment, a water droplet fell from the most distant stars to the earth. There was a story in this water drop that no one knew. The shadows of twilight deepened as the story grew into a cold, steady rain. Indolently shades of silver crept onto the mountainside and the water formed a mirror, turning the stars into a crown. Obliviously, your essence is snared by the solitude in the gloom of the night.

Morphing and shifting drones blend in musical, dreamy, light-hearted elements with harsher and remote industrial field recordings projecting the image of enchanted dark woods and snow-covered mountain peaks.

Original tracks released by Alcor Production (Alc 1) in 2007
Restored and Remastered at Nightade (Sweden) by Anile.D. (Dahlia’s Tear)

Comes in 4 Panel Digipak CD with Michal Karcz’s stunning artwork.

1. Close Your Eyes And Cease To Exist 04:18
2. Suicidal Notes From Lifeless Ghosts 07:56
3. But Death Does Not Come So Easily 05:20
4. Can't Go On Another Moment 03:12
5. Unbearable Times 06:06
6. Six Five Four... Three... Control... Uncontrolled 06:38
7. Farewell My Rotten Spirit Of Black 06:20
8. The End 08:55

Dahlia's Tear - Farewell My Rotten Black Spirit (re-mastered)