Kloob & Onasander - Tempestarii
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Kloob & Onasander - Tempestarii

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Following on from their excellent 'Mundus Patet' collaboration, Kloob and Onasander bring yet another fine album to our Winter-Light label; Tempestarii.

In medieval lore, Tempestarii were Weather magicians, who claimed the power of controlling the winds by means of incantations. Dwelling amongst the common people these sorcerers possessed the power to raise or prevent storms and were capable of summoning up a storm to blight crops.

Agobard, the archbishop of Lyons, wrote in 820 that in his diocese, people believed in the possibility of tempest-making by witches. Anyone reputed to be a weather-maker was the subject of respect, fear and hatred, dependent on the storms outcome.

Agobard of Lyons also made reference to the belief among some of his parishioners, that Tempestarii were in league with a mythical race of cloud-dwellers from the land known as Magonia. These mythical sailors of the clouds would supposedly pay Tempestarii to summon up storms, during which the Magicians would swoop down and steal harvests of corn and grain.

All music and production by Maurizio Landini and Dani Kloob.
Mastering by Robin Storey/Rapoon

Artwork by Winter-Light
© Kloob 2022
© Onasander 2022
© Winter-Light 2022

CD comes in a beautiful matte finished full colour 4-panel digifile. Strictly limited to 200 copies.

1. De grandine et tonitruis
2. Nocturnal Harvest
3. Storm Raising
4. Immissores tempestatum
5. The Malefici
6. Magonian raids
7. Furious Dawn
8. Lend us your strength

Kloob & Onasander - Tempestarii (Official Promo Video)