Land Fire - Incandescent Sonic Lodge
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Land Fire - Incandescent Sonic Lodge

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Re-edition of two limited CD-r's from 2006/07 that were originnally available on the band's own label SWT. This edition includes the maxi CD 'Incandescent' abd the 'Live At Sonic Lodge' CD, both originally released in very small numbers only. Now available again a remastered and polished form. A purging extreme listening experience that'll leave you feeling as though you've just gone over an abandoned area of sonic assaults, and monstrous frequency manipulation, 'Incandescent Sonic Lodge' is resoundingly bleak and characterised by biting distortion rhythm, with noise oscillators and disfigured vocal samples floundering around the mix at every turn.

This is another claustrophobic soundtrack of Land:Fire with dark atmospheres and fear loaded electronics with deep ambient soundscapes under it's sonic surface. The alter ego of HERBST9 delivers another outstanding soundtrack about radiological warfare and its debris in the last century, SWT is like a massive energy spike with a surrounding maelstrom of machine noises, rhythms, interferences and electromagnetic waves. The complex arrangement creates a deadly atmosphere of fallout and devastated landscapes with an apocalyptic aura.

Mastered at Secretlab release is in a 6-panel digifile.

1. Passing
2. Heating
3. Causing
4. Releasing
5. Pt1: 130_52k6_19’47”500
6. Pt2: 140_52k6_20’13”437

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