Line Spectrum - Bruma
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Line Spectrum - Bruma

Line Spectrum is the new project by Oleg Puzan from Ukraine, who also released some excellent works on the Cryo Chamber label as Dronny Darko. Line Spectrum is a sound art project that is created to expand sonic boundaries through sound manipulations, often in a form of severe minimalism using a vast palette of microscopic sounds forming an immersive auditory monsoon. Slowly evolving textures mixed with field recordings and synthesized particles suits as a perfect perception environment for a listener.

His works often reflect the state of tranquility through blending together deep ambiences, musique concrète, avant-garde elements and silence. Line Spectrum’s compositions require focused listening and is often best experienced on using hight quality headphones.

Bruma is an album of exploration. Somewhere cold and safe. Where nature is pure and expands as far as the eyes can see. Immersive drones combined with textured particles and field recording pieces create a place to dissolve in.

CD comes in a 6-panel digipak limited to 200 copies.

1. A Set of Events at the Shore 09:00
2. Fabric Merge 10:00
3. Ways 06:00
4. Fluidity 10:00
5. Quietness 15:00

Line Spectrum - A Set of Events at the Shore