MØHR & Maeror Tri - Hafenstadt
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MØHR & Maeror Tri - Hafenstadt

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This music was originally planned to form a part of the third tape box in the MØHR interpretation series of ZNS TAPES. In this series different artists got an individual 30-minutes-piece of basic material by MØHR to be interpreted it in any way: Using it as a backing tape and adding some more tracks, getting inspired and doing something unique in the spirit of the basic material, deconstruct and arrange it anew.

The invited artists had any opportunity to re-work the source material. For the actual release the basic material was placed on side A and the interpretation on side B, enabling the listener to compare the basic and the final sound. Three tapes were compiled as one tape box linked by a loose theme.

The first box, Bürokratie, contained works by DAS KONZENTRAT, BESTATTUNGSINSTITUT and SUICIDE COMMANDO (released in 1990), the second, Kulturschock, contained works by ANDREW CHALK/DARREN TATE, ECTOPLASMIC EMBRYO EXPERIENCE and FLAGRANTs D'ELI (released in 1991). The third one, which was to contain Hafenstadt by MAEROR TRI (as well as material of PBK and THE HATERS), has never been released due to the sudden end of ZNS TAPES. We're convinced that this combination of basic stuff plus musical reworking is still an interesting and exciting experience for the audience, maybe especially after more than 20 years in the archives. (Andreaz Vogel)

The MØHR basic tape was recorded at Gewalt am Objekt studio between 1986 and 1988, arranged in 1991 for Maeror Tri by Andreaz Vogel. Digitally remastered in 2007. Maeror Tri only used the basic sounds of MØHR's Hafenstadt. Everything recorded October 1991-September 1992 by Maeror Tri.

CD comes in a digipak limited to 500 copies.

1. MØHR - Hafenstadt 28:32
2. MAEROR TRI - Amnis 10:12
3. MAEROR TRI - Tidal Waves Of Oblivion 08:43
4. MAEROR TRI - Hypnotic Quakes 08:54

Maeror Tri - Tidal Waves Of Oblivion