Aghast - Hexerei In Zwielicht Der Finsternis
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Aghast - Hexerei In Zwielicht Der Finsternis

  • Labels Eternal Pride
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Originally released on the Cold Meat Industry label in 1995, this album by Norways' Aghast still rates as one of the darkest ambient albums ever produced in my honest opinion. Listening to this today still has the same feel for me as when I first heard the original release 26 years ago!

It's like being wrapped up in your own dark thoughts, as you wander through an eerie, mist shrouded forest with a witches vocals shrieking out from the thick line of trees that surround you.

Still captivating, still eerie as hell and now available once again.

1. Enthral
2. Sacrifice
3. Enter The Hall Of Ice
4. Call From The Grave
5. Totentanz
6. The Darkest Desire
7. Das Irrlicht
8. Ende

Aghast - Sacrifice