Ajna & Dödsapparaten - Seasons
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Ajna & Dödsapparaten - Seasons

After releasing "An Era of Torment", Cyclic Law caught up with Ajna and published it´s latest, and by far, most experimental album "Lucid Intrusion" (Chris F's prime work up to this date). Not stopping there, Cryo Chamber invited Ajna to the V/A "Tomb of Ordeals". We're happy that our former artist's future is brighter than ever as well as we're pleased to see him return to the Reverse Alignment label.

The new release on Reverse Alignment entitled "Seasons" is a cooperative work with fellow musician David Bengtsson, aka Dödsapparaten. He's also known as IOK-1, Tarmskrap and from his work together with Manifesto as dB/Mz.

"Seasons" forms a synthesis of Ajna's murky isolationism with Dödsapparaten's harsher industrial expression making way for a musical story that highlights the darker sides of life. Ultimately being a dedication to a lost friend.

CD comes in a digipak format limited to 200 copies.

1. Season I: Gloom 05:46
2. Season II: Destruction 08:48
3. Season III: Rot 06:04
4. Season IV: Malaise 08:51
5. Season V: Amnesia 07:20
6. Season VI: Lull 07:41
7. Season VII: Anguish 08:46

Season I: Gloom