Alphaxone & ProtoU - Back to Beyond
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Alphaxone & ProtoU - Back to Beyond

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Alphaxone (Iran) & ProtoU (Ukraine) join forces on Back to Beyond, the long awaited follow up to their space ambient masterpiece Stardust.

"Floating nutrition for your feline stowaway hits you amidst a sullen slumber. You jolt awake in the pilot seat and you hear the unearthly droning of your vessel. You look back and see the curious cat, leaping from wall to wall in zero-G snatching food pellets mid-air. The damn cat must have malfunctioned the kitty feeder again. This is why you normally leave her aboard the mothership, but no one knows how long this recon will take. Just a particle drifting in a never-ending expanse beyond reason. Golden dust shouldn’t be able to spread this far out from the wormhole. You realize the cat is safer with you and your sanity is safe with her. Those tincan AIs on the mothership know nothing of caring for a feline. In the cold heart of space, biologicals stick together, don’t they?"

Recommended for fans of Space Ambience, Atmospheric layering and harmonic drone.

Written, Produced, Performed - Mehdi Saleh, Sasha Puzan
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

CD comes in a 6-panel full colour digipak, limited to 400 copies.

1. Future Underground 09:15
2. Dreams of Solace 05:17
3. Quantum Zero 09:20
4. The Edge of Perception 06:30
5. Through the Golden Dust 06:23
6. Regenesis 03:35
7. Delusions of Omniscience 09:28
8. Myriad Disguises 06:52

Alphaxone & ProtoU - Quantum Zero