Beyond the Ghost - Eternal Drift
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Beyond the Ghost - Eternal Drift

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Beyond the Ghost returns with an album ripe with film-like ambience and sonic details from abandoned cityscapes.

You get trapped in the loop of time and you'll get spat out into a world molded by your own thoughts, purgatory. The skyscrapers cast shadows so deep that the flickering neon lights strobe your tired movements. You must have walked these streets a thousand times before, searching for someone, anyone. The cold wind hits your smooth face, it should have been bearded by now, but time is glitched out here. Everything is frozen, but you keep moving, chasing your own shadow.

Recommended for fans of foggy soundscapes, acoustic layering and Silent Hill atmospheres.

Wwritten, performed, produced, mastered – Pierre Laplace cello – Nicolas Fahy
Artwork – Erik Oswald

CD in a beautiful reverse-board print 6 panel digipak designed by Erik Osvald, limited to 400 copies.

1. Aphotic Black 04:03
2. Threnody 04:11
3. Here but not Here 04:29
4. The Slow Agony of Solitude 08:46
5. Nebulous Beings 08:31
6. Suspended Consciousness 05:12
7. Becoming one with Darkness 07:06
8. Surrender 07:22
9. Eternal Drift 08:57

Beyond the Ghost - Eternal Drift